Anti-racism work and Diversity

We consider our work with the anti-racism approach to be extremely important because society is yet come to terms with the phenomenon of racism. Both the individual and structural dimensions are critical in this process.
Our Anti-Racism work has two main focuses:

  1. Empowerment for Black, Indigenous and Persons of Colour (BIPOCS) in dealing with racism. Here we work with groups of migrants and refugees on addressing different forms of racism on an individual everyday basis, but also on a structural and institutional level.
  2. Accompanying white participants to become aware of racist elements in their own thoughts and to be able to trace them back to their socialization. Individuals and organizations are supported to recognize and deconstruct racist internal structures and to reflect on white privileges.

Today, diversity competence is considered a key qualification in everyday life and at work. Every day, people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds meet to work together. Against the background of these differences, tensions and conflicts could arise. Misinterpretations resulting from unfamiliarity of the other culture, stereotypes or prejudices can – conscious or unconscious – create feelings of dissatisfaction, insecurity, frustration and could prevent problem-solving among those involved.

In our trainings and consultations, we sensitize for cultural differences, stereotypes and prejudices, differences in perception and interpretation, as well as social identities. Our clients are thus supported on their way to a less conflict- and stress-laden everyday working life.