Are you looking for an alternative, creative and constructive way to deal with conflicts? Working with psychodrama could be a suitable for you.

Challenging situations at work, with family or friends can be shaped differently and generate new courage, strength, clarity and self-confidence. By working with your own needs, feelings and visions, you can free yourself from old burdens and release new energy.
This method can help people to work through issues of the past and develop creative solutions for the present and the future. Psychodrama continues to serve one’s own self-healing powers. New scope is opened up; and one’s own active role is strengthened.

Psychodrama literally means the acting representation of inner experience. According to Levy Moreno, “the truth of the soul can be explored through action.” Inner truths are enacted on a stage. Scenic acting helps to make life more authentic and healthier.

Kerstin Kastenholz is a psychodrama leader and works with this approach in her seminars, coaching and with psychodrama groups. It is also excellent in conflict situations and in mediation to reach sustainable solutions.