Organizational Consulting

Teams, groups and organizations are living entities, their members usually have the desire to create or do something meaningful. If the bond works well, most of the participants give their best and can be open to others.
Unclear or wrongly set priorities, work overload, deficiencies in communication among each other or dysfunctional hierarchies can lead to disruptions of collaborative projects.

Teams and organizations have the best conditions for good, motivated and efficient collaboration when the whole system is involved in the development of solutions and the needs of the participants are harmoniously balanced with the goals of the organization.

In process consulting, we support teams and organizations in planning changes and implementing them successfully in the long term. We create a framework that enables all participants to get involved. In this way, common tasks can be worked on collaboratively and in a goal-oriented manner.

Our interventions aim to bring communication in the group back into a flow, to increase mutual acceptance and to support the “system”, be it a team, a group or an organization, to work together in a lively and constructive way.

We place great emphasis on dealing productively with the diversity of participants and any resulting conflicts. For us, diversity is an enrichment and resource that, with mutual trust, can become the path to good results.