Intercultural Competence

Intercultural competence is a key skill needed for dealing and coping with the challenges of an ever-changing and pluralistic society. People from different cultures meet to work together on a daily basis, and it is common for tension and conflict to occur in such interactions. Stereotypes, ignorance of other cultures or prejudices  can – noticed or unnoticed – generate feelings of discontent, uncertainty and frustration among stakeholders and interfere with problem solving.

In our trainings and consultations, we raise awareness about intercultural differences, stereotypes and prejudices, differences in perception and interpretation. This way, we support our customers in the reduction of conflict and stress in their professional life.

Doing Business in West Africa

Intercultural sensitivity and understanding of the cultural and socio-economic characteristics  are a prerequisite for successful cooperation and the establishment of business relationships in a region. Intercultural collaborations often fail because differences occur where the parties had not anticipated them.  A well-aimed preparation can prevent such failures. This is our area of intervention – we prepare you intensively for your stay in West Africa. You get to know and understand what values ​​are influencing behavior and cultural characteristics.



You learn how cultural differences affect meetings and negotiations. In addition, the seminar provides information on the economic and commercial geography, financial and economic policies, infrastructure and legal security of the particular host country. Practical advice for everyday life rounds up the intercultural competence training.

Diversity Management

Intercultural processes involve the conscious decision of an institution, an organisation, or a company to develop and implement strategies that meet the needs of our society, which is being shaped by immigration and demographic changes.

Diversity management as a concept uses diversity in a team as an economic factor for the success of a company. Core is the recognition of multiplicity as a potential resource and the appreciation of different abilities of people.

Intercultural awareness processes and the implementation of a diversity approach must be guided and well planned. You can learn the basics of diversity management and strengthen your diversity skills with us.